Niche Technology Services

What We Offer

Web Development
If you have an idea or a requirement that you want developed - we can help you do that using technologies including Python and PhP. We can build it for on-premise installation or on the cloud.
Cloud Services
We work extensively with AWS and we can help you assess readiness of your applications for the cloud or help you build and deploy them. We can also help with regular monitoring and maintenance of your existing cloud services.
AI Chatbots
By leveraging AI technology including Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing, we can help you build chatbots that are available 24/7 and can be trained to answer questions that customers or employees may have.
Alexa Integration
Voice controlled, intelligent, personal assistant services are being used by businesses and their customers. Bluegild Solutions is at the forefront of this. Reach out to us and see how you can incorporate it and how it can help improve your overall business outcomes.
Sentiment Analysis
We can help deploy AI Sentiment Analysis Service in your organization and help you to quickly analyse the primary sentiment of various projects, HR initiatives etc and see if they are positive, negative or neutral.
Image Recognition
We have expertise in working with image and video ‘intelligent’ recognition. Contact us to see how this can help your organization save costs and improve customer experience.

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