Worker Tracking
Live Worker Tracking and Digital Management

Our employee monitoring and digital management solutions help organizations safeguard the well-being of their staff such as security guards, warehouse and factory staff, facility management staff and lone-workers through intelligent monitoring and efficient management. With live location tracking and real time anomaly alerts on dashboards, organizations can ensure that the right employee is at the right place at the right time with automatic job reconciliation. Managers can remotely and securely communicate with their staff in case of any emergencies or incidents for faster incident response times. Organizations can efficiently manage the workforce with a completely paper-free digital system for attendance, rostering and auto-generated tamper-free activity and billing reports. Explore our applications below:

Physical Security Guard Monitoring and Digital Management

Prevent losses due to ghosting and non-compliance with a digital management system comprising of web-based rostering, biometric attendance and digitally auto-generated tamper-free billing reports with an accountability trail. Save costs by optimizing guard posts and reducing supervisory layers with live continuous indoor-outdoor guard tracking, real time violation alerts and auto-generated activity reports. Minimize emergency and incident response times with secure video-calling and live-feed streaming to head of security remotely.

Lone Worker Safety Monitoring and Digital Management

Safeguard staff working alone or in risk-prone environments with live location tracking and status monitoring on a web dashboard with live alerts if any worker enters an unauthorized area. Prevent incidents with periodic all-ok safety-check notification prompts to the workers with live alerts to the supervisor if a scheduled safety check-in is missed or overdue. Minimize emergency response times with live alerts to the supervisor and nearest employees if no-motion, slip, fall or manually triggered SOS alarm is detected by the system.

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