Mindscroll Learning Management System

Mindscroll lms is a new age learning management system which enables organisations to deliver, track and certify online courses and training for their employees, partners and customers. MindScroll lms is a comprehensive lms with integrated virtual classroom, training management system, online test engine, and collaborative learning tools.

Course Management
  • Upload content and create online courses in minutes
  • Support for Elearning, instructor-led training (ILT) and blended training
  • Support for documents, pdf, powerpoint, audio files, videos, SCORM, and web links
  • Organize and reuse files from content library
  • Use Learning Plan for guided learning and certification
  • Customize progress and score calculation parameters

Online Tests and Surveys
  • Create online tests and surveys easily using advanced online test platform
  • Support for multiple question types - MCQ, MMCQ, T/F, Free Text, File upload
  • Bulk upload questions to form a question bank
  • Auto-generate online tests using online test generator
  • Conduct Certification Exams- Generate Certificate using your custom template

Social Learning
  • Use Discussion Forum for collaborative learning
  • Use Conferencing tools like GoToMeeting, Zoom.us and conduct virtual classroom sessions
  • Social sharing widgets to keep the learning going even outside the formal course environment

Reports & Dashboards
  • Use Comprehensive dashboard to see a snapshot of system usage, payment summary and learner progress
  • Get insights on Course Progress and Learner Activity using Visual and Interactive Summary reports at course and user level
  • Track Participation level of learners using Social Participation and Engagement Report
  • Build your own Custom Reports to track key metrics that impact your business

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