Live Inventory Tracking
Live Inventory Tracking and Process Management

Our inventory tracking and management solutions help organizations minimize inventory accuracies, increase fulfilment throughput and boost operator productivity in their manufacturing facilities, warehouses and even retail stores which act as omni-channel distribution hubs. Real time location verification during inventory put-away and picking processes with live inaccuracy alerts ensure no time is wasted in associated costs of handling complaints, inventory losses and administrative burden. Operators receive intelligent turn-by-turn navigation routing with shortest paths which help minimize the travel distance, reduce put-away and pick cycle times and boost operator productivity. Data driven location intelligence help organizations measure and optimize operator productivity with KPIs such as distance traveled, run & stop time, idle time, number of cycles, orders fulfilled and accuracy across venues. Explore our applications below:

Warehouse Inventory Tracking with Auto Put-Away and Pick Location Verification

Minimize inventory inaccuracies and warehouse down-time with real time location verification of put-away and pick tasks and live anomaly alerts if operator has put-away at or picked inventory from the incorrect location. Reduce order-picking and put-away cycle times with dynamic navigation guidance showing the shortest paths for pick and drop of material on a screen interface. Reduce inventory losses and exercise greater control over FIFO, LIFO or FEFO practices with real time tracking of inventory picked or put-away by the operator.

Associate Wayfinding and Location Intelligence for Omni-Channel Order Fulfilment

Reduce order picking and stocking times of retail store associates with intelligent navigation guidance on a mobile device for multi-order batch picking of omni-channel orders. Minimize inventory inaccuracies with live location verification of stocking and picking tasks and real time anomaly alerts if associate has stocked at or picked products from the incorrect shelf. Optimize number of store associates and productivity with KPIs such as travel distance, run & stop time, idle time, number of trips, orders fulfilled and fulfilment accuracy.


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