Intranet Portal
Overview of Intranet Portal

An Intranet  portal is the gateway that unifies access to all enterprise information and applications on an Intranet . It is a tool that helps a company manage its data, applications, and information more easily, and through personalized views. Some portal solutions today are able to integrate legacy applications, objects from other portals, and handle thousands of user requests. In a corporate enterprise environment, it is also known as an enterprise portal.

Benefits of Intranet Portal

  • Intranet  portal helps employees make better and more informed decisions, which result from increased knowledge. It also helps reduce costs, saves time, increases collaboration, increases productivity and effectiveness.
  • Intranet  portal can help employees find information more easily and perform their jobs better, though few portal designs are optimal just out-of-the-box. In fact, especially in smaller companies, designers can realize some features found in off-the-shelf portal software through simpler (do-it-yourself) means. 
  • Most Intranet s have become completely unwieldy and present a highly fragmented and confusing user experience, with no consistency and little navigational support. Portals aim to correct this problem by presenting a single gateway to all corporate information and services. One benefit of creating this consistent look and feel is users need less time to learn how to use the environment. 
  • They also more easily recognize where they are in the portal and where they can go—no small feat when navigating a large information space. By integrating services and presenting personalized snippets on the initial screen, Intranet  portals also reduce the need for users to browse far and wide to obtain needed information, thus making it easier for them to perform their jobs.
  • Intranet  portal is a Web-based tool that allows users to create a customized site that dynamically pulls in Internet activities and desired content into a single page. By providing a contextual framework for information, portals can bring S&T (Science and Technology) and organizational "knowledge" to the desktop.

Intranet Site Stucture

Home Page

Here we will have all company as well as group related information. This will also have common widgets like calendar, events, birthday, etc. We can also create custom widgets as per your need

My Company

My company page will consist of all company related information like policies, company related announcements, financial announcements, etc.

My Department

There will be a department-dedicated page and every employee will be able to see his department related information here.

Tools & Applications

A page which shall showcase all the lists of applications available for employee to view.

Knowledge Center

Knowledge Management, Wiki, Knowledge related Blog, Placeholder for E-Learning 

Fun & Leisure

Can be a moderated company blog where people can talk other then work and events and share their experiences

Powerful Security

A collaboration platform is only as good as its security. Control exactly who has access to what content, and clearly see content privacy settings on every single page.

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