Face Recognition
Overview of Face Recognition Solutions

Face recognition solutions are slowly coming to the mainstream. They are a non-touch means of catering to various requirements of businesses and end users, such as security management, customer identification, customer preference detection, visitor management, candidate interview screening etc. At DGTL INNOVATIONS  we work with both Open Source and Face Recognition platforms such as AWS Recognition to build highly functional solutions. We have our own pre-built solutions but can also develop customised solutions that cater to specific needs of our clients. 


  • - Improves Queue management & process efficiency
  • - Helps improve customer connect and service
  • - Reduces error in identifying customers
  • - Touch-free and convenient to the user
  • - Can help in audits

Customer Identification

This solution uses Face Recognition Technology to identify an existing customer when they walk into a physical location such as a Retail Store or Bank front desk/check out counter.This can replace or supplement existing processes such as asking for an account number or mobile number. It can save the time required for a customer to provide the identification details and the staff to enter that in their system by integrating the face recognition solution with other systems. Used case in Banks, Co-operative Societies, Retail Stores, Hotels, Educational Institutions, Hospitals

Visitor Identification

This solution uses Face Recognition Technology to manage visitors when they walk into a place of business . It has good used case in Business Establishments such as IT Companies, Factories, Real Estate, Corporate offices etc

Attendance & Surveillance

Anywhere where there is a requirement to record attendance, track or monitor the movement of people. One of the key features is the ability to send email & sms notifications when an unrecognized face is detected. it has Use Cases in  Educational Institutions, Play Schools, Factories, Offices, Residences, etc.



DGTL Cloud Hosting : Hosting of your data securely on a cloud platform provider such as AWS; shared hosting. You can immediately get started – all you need is a computer and a webcam. No additional cloud costs.

Data on Customer Cloud : If you prefer to store data in your own cloud, we can set that up for you. In this case, when you access the application the data shall be fetched from your own hosting for any comparison to commence.

Custom Development & Integration : We can also build the entire solution on your infrastructure and do any custom development you want to meet your business needs. In all of the options above – we can integrate the face recognition solution to other company systems to enable smooth end to end functioning of business processess 

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