eShopify E-commerce Platform

DGTL Ecommerce Platform by DGTL  is a ready and quick to deploy ecommerce platform that allows you to have a customized storefront with the easy to manage backend content management features (effectively freeing up the entrepreneur from dependence on external IT vendors). Eshopfy is a customizable solution to upload unlimited categories, products or pages to your shopping catalogue.

Key Features

  • Customizing Branding
  • Showcase Unlimited number of Products
  • Make Easy Registration and Hassle Free Checkout
  • Multiple Payment Option Supported
  • Push Notifications
  • Social Media Integration and SEO
  • Eye-Popping Theme

Current Challenges

  • Support and Manage Global Sales
  • Real time Inventory Visibility
  • Security of Information Assets
  • Roll out of plans and Fulfillment of Transactions.

How we are Solving the Problem?

  • Able to process high numbers of Orders
  • Gain access to customer’s data easily
  • Allows to showcase unlimited products
  • Low operational cost and better quality of services
  • Better UI/UX design or Better Personalized experience
  • Provide 24*7/365 days of Support

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