Container and Truck Loading Software
Overview Of Loadcargo

LoadCargo is a sophisticated but also easy to use cargo loading optimization software, that helps to plan the way cargo is loaded into containers or trucks. If you are struggling with Cargo Load Planning, your Freight costs or you want to Maximize Container Utilization, let LoadCargo.in work for you.

LoadCargo.in is easy to use Shipping Logistics Software which knows how to load a truck or how to load a container and how to load them effectively. As a container loading calculator kind of program, It can be used for box loading, pallet loading, carton loading into containers or trucks, so it's ideal Cargo Loading Solution for almost each business handling cargo.

Our Load Planning Software provides easy copy & paste data import and 3D graphical load plans you can export in several formats.

Key Features of LoadCargo
  • Portable application version available, no installation needed.
  • 3D interactive view
  • Automatic planning
  • Manual planning
  • Stackable/Non-stackable
  • Stackable weight limits
  • Two stackable modes (Normal, Overlap)
  • Rotation around X, Y and Z axis
  • Shipment, Cargo and Box views
  • Color coded system for easy recognition of Shipments, Cargos or Boxes
  • Pproject file saved as xml
  • Export stuffing plan to PDF, RTF, XLSX or TXT
  • Export load plan to Interactive Web based application for easy sharing
  • Summary per Cargo, Shipment and all Shipments
  • Center of Gravity indication
  • Quick import of customer's excel or text formatted data via clipboard
  • Predefined cargo and container dimensions for frequent use
  • Multi-platform application thanks to Adobe Air framework  (Windows, Mac OS X and Linux) 
  • Metric/Imperial units of measurement
  • EDI connector for easy upload of flat and xml files with dimensions
  • Built in list of Max Weight limits per country (Europe only for now)
  • Built in connection to our server so you can quickly report problems/ideas for product improvement
  • Translation to different languages (Localization)
  • Priority loading
  • Cargo package grouping
  • Pallet Building
  • Double Deck Trailer
  • Flat Rack

New function we are working on:

  • Axle loading
  • ULD containers

What you can expect ?
  • Great customer service experience.
  • Open and honest communication oriented on customer needs.
  • Easy and intuitive usage, loading done in 4 steps.
  • New functions on request for free even before purchase, so you can buy product fitting your requirements.
  • ​​We love what we do.
  • We go into the details to understand customers' business.
  • We can help to improve customers' current processes.
  • Live demo (Skype, Teamviewer) / consultancy for free.
  • 14-day trial period with extension on request.
  • 30-day money back.

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