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The Flow , Founder hope to spread information about how women worldwide can re-engage with their strengths in a uniquely feminine way based on changing skills aligned to their hormonal cycle. Just a little extra knowledge can yield large results for women (and from there also to men) in terms of relaxation, productivity, sex life, relationships and overall happiness. Every month woman's physical, emotional, creative, mental and spiritual energies change with her menstrual cycle, offering her the most amazing skills and super-powers, if she just accepts them!

WHAT YOU GET WITH The Flow: Discovery of your super skills Content written by tops experts in their fields Planning for success App for women and men You are supporting an independently produced app The Flow gives an ancient feminine wisdom back to the world, in a new way! Features: Period, Fertility, Pill, Temperature & Weight tracking directly from the landing screen at a click Powerful graphical design created to support the functionality Multiuser support .

Learning algorithms Intuitive user interface Simple visualization of user data Shows phases of the moon cycle Suitable for women with varying menstrual cycle length Suitable for women in menopause Suitable for women taking pill All tips available also for men Secure data Fully anonymous Available in English, Spanish, German, Slovak and Italian

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