Native Apps for Mobile Approvals


This project involved Development of Mobile App required for accessing all SAP Release Strategies, PR/PO and SO approval process and Payment Request Approval through the hand held devices.  Ideus was responsible for the development and provide online approval for release strategy PO/PR/SO application to allow the approvals of the payment processes using the mobile devices in the online mode itself. 

Real time basis sync Process. Real time synchronization will be done only using the request-based approach, whenever the request will be made the synchronized data will be pushed/pulled from SAP. Access to DMS server for scanned / Soft Documents attached to the approval requests, 

Financial Dashboards: Following financial dashboards will be made available only for the expenditure data of the organization; all other financial dashboards are not included in the current phase Scope.    Technology Selection:   Responsive design allows web applications to automatically change layouts according to the user’s screen resolution whether on a desktop, tablet or Smartphone.

This responsive interface can be extended in form of mobile application by using platforms like CORDOVA with 5 - 7% additional efforts. The approach suggested above helps organization to reduce total cost of ownership by having a single code base for all type of users while maintaining same user experience across computing devices.

   The platform/technologies to be used for developing responsive web application and mobile application is given below; HTML 5 CSS3 Bootstrap jQuery RESTFUL Services (Web API - Written in C#) SQL Server 2008 R2 Express (or higher versions) Apache CORDOVA (For Mobile Solution) ABAP * * Custom BAPI’s/RFC’s needs to be written, so that the relevant information can be  exposed by using  WEB API’s

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