Mustang Socks E-Commerce Portal


Mustang Socks is an acclaimed line of socks and accessories in India. We worked with Mustang to design an e-commerce website that was minimal, upscale and easy to navigate for it’s customers. Every detail of the site was designed to allow the product photography to shine and optimise user experience to help their e-comm business flourish.

Mustang E-Commerce Portal is powered by  DGTL Custom E-Commerce Platform which  is a ready and quick to deploy ecommerce platform that allows you to have a customized storefront with the easy to manage backend content management features (effectively freeing up the entrepreneur from dependence on external IT vendors). Eshopfy is a customizable solution to upload unlimited categories, products or pages to your shopping catalogue.

Key Features of Portal 

Current Challenges faced by Mustang

How we are Solving the Problem?

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