Mobile App User Experience Design for B2B Collaboration


ConnektHub understands the need and provides a comprehensive solution for all B2B transactions including Sourcing, Procurement and Cataloging. It provides a trading platform that will help facilitate the supply chain process, in one easy place – online.

ConnektHub is its simple user interface, ease of use and integration to systems such as SAP creating a greater value-add than other B2B marketplaces. ConnektHub is a bridge to all type of B2B parties, ranging from ERP users and/or partners who use only Fax or E-mail. ConnektHub on Mobile gives you access to all transactions using smart phones. This way you are always connected with your customers and suppliers

DGTL Partnered with Prospecta Software, An Australian HQ Enterprise Product Company for the UI/UX and Visual Design of Connekthub Mobile App for iOS and Android Platforms

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