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The word “mitranan” is a compound term from Sanskrit which is originated from either “mitra” (friend) + “ananta”(infinite) or “mitra (friend) + “ãnanda” (bliss).  Both meanings, although ambiguous, are correct as they foster bridge-building between people, especially Indians and Thais; “mitrãnan” sounds good to the ears of Thais and Indians.

There is no power that transcend the boundaries of nation as that of the power of friendship.  It is incredible, immeasurable and amazing force beyond expectation of man. 

Although, India is well known to the Thai people, and honored as the Land of the Buddha, and Thailand is one of the most common destinations of Indian tourists, the gap between the two countries is still wide.

  Building up close relationships at the grass-root level between the people of the two countries which share deeply profound and strongly upheld values remains a great challenge.  The project is originated by Dr. Mano MettanandoLaohavanich as an information service of the India Study Centre of Thammasat University in 2011, and funded by the Bangkok Bank of Thailand. 

It is designed to be a private and self-sufficient project that will be supported by the private enterprises of the two countries.

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