Data Modelling, Data-warehousing and Analytics for Leading Insurance Company in Singapore


  1. Project Objective: To design a standard enterprise wide core Logical Data Model (LDM), that includes Data Modelling, Datawarehousing and Analytics
  2. Countries in scope: Singapore
  3. Duration: 10 months
  4. Project details 
    1. Handling the development, testing and deployment of Operational Datadtore Store and Data warehouse systems. 
    2. Responsible for UAT testing, Datamapping ODS Metadata to Datawarehouse Fields.
    3. Defining data requirements and designing databases to satisfy client business objectives. 
    4. Participating in design reviews, and assisting with allocation of functionality to specific system components. 
    5. Developing data models, implementing databases and writing stored procedures. 
    6. Analyzing content & quality of databases, recommending procedures & developing extraction/ ETL processes.
    7. Deliver Enhanced solutions on complex issues to clients in response to varying business requirements.
    8. Supporting their Analytics Dashboards in case of issues and provide specific solutions to better enhancement.
    9. Responsible for effective communication with AIA Technology Team. 
    10. Translate customer requirements into formal requirements and design documents, establish specific solutions, and leading the efforts including analysis and testing that culminate in client acceptance of the results.
    11. Utilize in-depth knowledge of DataWarehousing,
    12. ETL in conjunction with Analytic tool to deliver solutions to customer.
    13. Improvement customers realized (if any)

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