How do I connect with my potential customers?


Old are those days, when business' used to print pamphlet & circulate them in the nearby regions by putting them in newspaper, to connect to their customers. Those ways of marketing were not only expensive but the ROI was very less.

Now my biggest problem is how to connect with customers? How should I reach out to them?

To answer this simple question, I would request you to just look around you and see how people are interacting with each other?

Idea creation

Most of the medium of interaction today is through cell phones and internet.

Even though a bunch of people sitting for lunch, are gazing on their cellphone after every second.

This makes me feel the entire world is getting digitalised.

So, here I have answered your question of how to connect with people. The answer is through digital devices,Digital Marketing.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is to do promotion and campaigning on the internet through digital channels such as search engine and networking sites.

How do I achieve Digital Marketing?

It is a step by step process, beginning with easy to use networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn,Twitter, Instagram,Pinterest then Search Engine Optimisation and Paid services. Another important aspects of digital marketing is Email Marketing and Mobile Marketing. These I will cover in subsequent articles

What is the ROI of my Digital Campaign?

There are several platform which helps you to measure the results and ROI of your digital campaign.Google Analytics being one of the tools to give you an insight of how many viewers viewed the campaign, how many clicked further, how much time one spend on your page, etc. Many social media sites gives you the insights of your Campaign.What is important here is to be patient for the results, when your campaign reach 10,000 people then 100 out of them react to your campaign and 10 among them may turn out to be your customer.This is a rough statistics.Now the question arises that I am getting only 10 customers whereas I am spending so much on marketing.But the point to be taken into consideration here is over the period of time the investment will reduce and the returns will increase as more and more people will be aware of your business.

That is the power of Digital Marketing. So what are you waiting for, gear up to get your digital presence.

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