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Today's enterprises require "trusted" partners who sit on their side of the table and ensure that organisations "realise" the value of their IT investments. DGTL is that "trusted" partner.

DGTL is a management consulting and Digital transformation company. We partner with our customers in helping them prepare and realise their business / digital agenda. We ensure our customers realise benefits thru revenue growth, reduced costs while creating strategic and sustained differentiators. We also help them nurture talent and manage their risks & compliance needs.

To fulfil our customers’ needs and ensure successful outcome of their digital transformation projects, we partner with a bouquet of world class enterprise technology solutions providers.

From Customer & UX Strategy, connected services to commerce platforms, DGTL provides you with the tools you need to emerge as a leader in your industry. We believe that when applied with your customers in mind, technology creates value, builds relationships, and grows revenue.

We provide support and advisory services to local and international organizations in both the private and the public sector. We combine the strengths of local relationships and global reach to deliver solutions to your business needs. In this continuously evolving digital world, Information Technology is becoming more and more important.

Our business is based on the core principles of excellence and inventiveness. This means that when you use our services, you can be assured of a high quality service and outstanding solutions tailored exclusively for your business.

DGTL Core Team
Manav Kapoor
Founder & C.E.O
Dinesh Shetty
Advisory Board Member
Muthukumar Vaidyanathan
Director - Strategy , Growth & Advisory
Sudesh Rao
Head of Analytics & Big Data
Neha Kapoor
Head - Marketing & Digital Solutions
Piyush Pimpalnerkar
Creative Director - UX Design 
Manu Grover
Senior Advisor - Finance & Legal

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